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What happened to this project??

What has happened to the Brooklyn project? Contractor dispute? Run out of money? Homeowners kick everybody out? Even though the TV show has been preempted by local station fundraising, there have been no blog postings in a month and the webcams are frozen on old images. Does anyone have a clue? :confused:

Re: What happened to this project??

Well, the last show I saw over the weekend, the tile guy was using his sawdust technique on the bathroom floor and the homeowners countertops were going in. Is that the latest?

Re: What happened to this project??

This week's episode (airs Thursday 3/26) is the wrap party.

Re: What happened to this project??

I too just saw the sawdust tiling technique. I'd be surprised to see a wrap party this weekend. I think the show sequencing really got screwed up on this project and many cities are at a different point in the project. I can't wait to see what the new project is that they start late in the Spring. I hope it's a good one. I can't get too excited about urban projects. Like the Washington,DC project,they all turn out great,but can be really depressing at the beginning.

Re: What happened to this project??

It sounds like the discontinuance of the week to week new programs we watch PBS for. It happens on many stations I guess, including mine during their endless pledge drives.

Because of it I no longer support PBS, but did for years. Nor do I try and watch the original shows anymore.

I’ll catch the 2009 show in 2021 or so. With all my geriatric buds and my toothless lovers in the old folks home.

Right now I am Loving on the "Change Plan". I gave up my salary to keep this company alive and people working. Think I will get some of YOUR money? Do not want it.

allen wood works
Re: What happened to this project??

you cant fault PBS for doing 3 or 4 pledge drives a year. Most states have cut PBS funding drastically and their sponsors are also backing down as well.
Most stations have a policy of running any TOH series in some kind of order during pledge drives, they just may air at different times or even 2 episodes back to back. You just need to get directly in touch with your local PBS programming director and find out what the schedule will be for that particular series.
I did this for the Brooklyn series as my local was fund raising and i didnt want to miss any of the shows. Well not only did i get a few really nice emails back from PBS i also wound up having a nice dialogue with her about how important it is for them to not skip any shows and not to be erratic with air times. They really listened and said that no one else had ever complained.
Sometimes it just takes a well worded email.

Re: What happened to this project??

I agree with Allen Wood Works about sending a well worded compliant, but always following that compliant with a solution. I have changed many policies and local ways of doing things simply by speaking my mind in a positive fashion and providing a well written solution for the problem.

With no solution it is just complaining, and no one likes to hear that.


allen wood works
Re: What happened to this project??

"With no solution it is just complaining, and no one likes to hear that"

well said!

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