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Trim for a Corner Closet Door


Looking for some ideas. I just finished re doing out bathroom (gutted/rebuilt). One final touch is the closet which is on the left corner. The left wall extends into the closet, and the right wall of the closet is the back of the shower. My question is how to trim this so that it looks nice. The opening is only 46 inches wide, so I would prefer not to add a 2x4 on the left side, but if I don't do that, then when I add the trim on the right and top, but nothing on the left, it's going to look very odd.
Any thoughts/suggestions?

A. Spruce
Re: Trim for a Corner Closet Door

Can you post some pictures of what you're working with, including the trim?

Re: Trim for a Corner Closet Door

if the opening is going to run right into the adjacent wall hanging trim will look terrible only on one side and top. in this situation keep to drywall

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