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Does anyone know about planers. I have a new one and it hesitates when sending the board thru. What can I do.

A. Spruce
Re: tools

What do you mean it hesitates? It's normal for it to take a second for enough material to get fed into the feed rollers before it starts going on it's own. It's also quite common for the material to stop moving while it's in the machine. Both of these can be minimized by keeping the bed clean and lubricated, you can also help push the material through the machine, but use caution when doing it, the point is to help the material through, not force feed the machine.

For cleaning: use a bit of Goof Off on a rag and wipe the surface down. A little effort may be needed for globs of sap.

For lubrication and tool protection used Top Cote

In looking for a suitable cleaner that won't cause your polished iron and steel surfaces to rust, I came across this site. In general I think the info is good for cleaning and protecting polished surfaces, however I don't think I'd try 409 cleaner as recommended in the article for fear of developing rust. It might work great, but before spraying down an expensive piece of equipment, I'd do a spot test on something.

Re: tools

This is a new planer. It stops and goes like the rollers are not pulling the wood thru. We put new blades on and that did not help so we are taking it in to the dealer and let them look at it. I know how they work because we have been building for 9 year on our house and have gone thru 2 planers. I just tore apart the old one because the rollers seazed up on it. Have to order new ones. Thank you for the info. Cissy

Re: tools

The roller cleaners will work well for you but at the risk of asking a stupid question, I'll ask anyway...

How much are you trying to plane off the board, in one pass. Depending on the planer, they have limits. Maybe you're trying to take off too much in one pass....(?)

Good Luck.

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