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Tilting Chimney in the attic

We have a 100 year old house with a chimney that goes through the center of the house, through the unfinished attic and out the center of the roof. The chimney in the attic has a little lean from the attic floor to the attic ceiling. There are no cracks in the plaster walls or ceilings in the house near the chimney. The chimney that exits the roof is straight. I think I remember seeing an article in This Old House magazine quite a few years back that explained that the home builders of old tilted the chimney intentionally so that water/rain would not put our the fires in the fireplace (chimney caps were not originally placed on the chimney). Does anyone else recall this practice or article???

Re: Tilting Chimney in the attic

To my knowledge it was simply done in order to exit the roof at the peak where it is much easier to make it water tight

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Re: Tilting Chimney in the attic

the exact reason it was done is something i'm not 100% sure of but i can tell you it's very common to have chimney's at a slant going up through the house. we're dealing with one now on a job we are currently doing. as long as it's in good shape there are no worries but i would recommend having it checked out by a good mason or engineer. we have an engineer coming tomorrow to check ours out do to some major structural cracks.

Re: Tilting Chimney in the attic

It was generally done so the chimney did not cut through the ridge beam.


Re: Tilting Chimney in the attic

i dissagree JLMCDANIEL most i have seen offset so they exit through the ridge

Re: Tilting Chimney in the attic

I've seen it both ways, to center the ridge and to miss it. Doesn't seem to matter as long as it's water-tight. What does matter is that the masonry be in very good condition top to bottom, as this offset adds load to one side while reducing it on the opposite side, and that can cause old mortar to fail and joints to open- not what you want happening with a chimney!


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