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switch propane supply


I live in a converted garage apartment, on the second floor. It has a 57 gallon tank. I use maybe 3 or 4 gallons a year for cooking, that's it. My propane supplier is now charging me a minimum charge plus a tank renal fee that bring my cost per gallon up to $32.

I am considering replacing that tank with a small tank that one can pick up at your local hardware store or supermarket. I am nervous about installing it myself though. What would you suggest about getting someone capable to do it?

Another question and one that may make this all moot: It is possible that the local zoning laws may prohibit this sort of hookup. Is that common? The rental I live in is "illegal" in that the town doesn't allow rentals so I can't go ask them about the change. (They know I'm here but are letting me be.)

I use oil to heat the house and for hot water. All I need the propane for is to cook and while I don't do much of that I can't not having a stove.

Looking forward to your advice.



who lives in the suburban NYC area

Re: switch propane supply

First and foremost, a small tank for a grill is not allowed to be used, or even stored indoors. It is a single wall tank prone to punctures. That is why the other tanks were developed. My suggestion to you then, is move, or look into natural gas for your stove. Once you have natural gas, you will want to get rid of your old diesel fuel tank for heating and hot water, to switch those comonents over to clean burning natural gas.

If you happen to do what you are talking about, and anything happens, your insurance will not pay off. No life insurance, no renters insurance, nothing.


Handy Andy in Mt Airy NC

Re: switch propane supply

Check out other suppliers. We switched from a national chain that had higher cost per gallon, plus a surcharge for delivery, to a local area supplier.

Re: switch propane supply

 Go to the BIG BOX store purchase a 100 lb tank, take it to a fill station They will fill it for about $80.00 it holds about 22 Gal. should last you  say 5 years. The pressure regulator on the tank you have now will adapt to the new tank.I did this for the same reason that you stated They wanted Rental,Mininum use fee and would only service when they selected.

Re: switch propane supply

Thanks all. Clarence, your ideas sound just like what I was hoping for. HandyAndy, thanks. I won't do what you suggest. Lynne, so far, no other suppliers can offer a good deal. That would be the easiest.

Clarence, that all sounds easy. I still am worried about doing it myself, worried about gas leaks, or doing something that could cause trouble. Would anyone have any advice on hiring someone to do this that I could trust? How do you look for someone to do that sort of thing? I guess just advertise and say I want someone who knows what they are doing...

Re: switch propane supply

 Check with the following:

Local Handyman services, Home Advisor, The local fill station they may know someone. Maybe someone who sets up BBQ grills or fire pits. Should not be hard to find someone to switch propane tanks. If tank is the only thing rented than uncupple the existing tank connect new tank should take maybe at the most about 4 min. max.

Re: switch propane supply

Thanks! This is encouraging!

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