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Steel Truss Welding

I am a poor dude and a fan of your show. Recently, I had to replace my roof. A local contractor has charged a few thousand dollars to replace the roof. However, the steel trusses he is using, and especially the welding does not seem right. Could you please be kind enough to let me know if this guy is doing it right by looking at couple of pictures I am attaching to this letter. Your attention might prevent the roof from collapsing on my children, and save lives. I truly appreciate your help.
Sam Marvin
PS:Please copy/paste the links on your browser to see the pics

Re: Steel Truss Welding

Who ever is doing the welding does not appear to be very proficient. It doesn't look like the units where designed for this job with all the cut and patch work. Just my opinion.


A. Spruce
Re: Steel Truss Welding

Holy cow! Those are what are called "booger welds". I sure as heck wouldn't trust them. I'd call the building inspector out pronto to have a look. This project is permitted, correct? The contractor is licensed, correct? Plans were drawn and approved, correct?

Re: Steel Truss Welding

I own a welder, but am not a welder. Whomever did that is not a welder, nor should they be allowed to use a welder.

The biggest catastrophe is whatever is going on near the peak. That is hideous and I doubt it could be structurally sound.

I would contact your inspector, and try to see if you can stop work on the project. Surely don't pay any more money.


Re: Steel Truss Welding

Jack, A. Spruce, Cougars1996
Thank you all for your help. I’ll stop work on the project. It is good to know that they are still good people such as you in this world who care.Thanks again for taking the time responding to my plight.

Timothy Miller
Re: Steel Truss Welding

Yikes- just when i thought i had seen everything then i see your photos. Hope you did not pay anything up front... Regional building department code compliance inspection request asap. Hope the area is dried in real good as it might be a while before you can proceed. Why Metal? What type of products were going to be installed on such a steller frame? Steller no maybe unique, no no whats that word from world war two...

A. Spruce
Re: Steel Truss Welding
Timothy Miller wrote:

Steller no maybe unique, no no whats that word from world war two...

fubar'd? ;):D

You're probably thinking gerry-rigged.

Timothy Miller
Re: Steel Truss Welding

FUBAR indeed.

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