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Spray Foam Insulation for garage under bedroom

We have a 1971 Ranch in Rockland County New York. The basement and garage are below grade. Only the garage doors are accessible from the driveway. I've been reading old threads and many people are recommending spray foam insulaton to solve the cold-room-over-the-garage problem. Has anyone done this and had positive results? Our bedrooms are 8 to 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house because of this. The garage has insulation in the ceiling, possibly R11, with drywall over it and exposed cement block foundation walls. We have forced air heating and cooling AND (this is bizarre to me)a vent into our garage. I was thinking of rigid insulation on the cement block walls (to further insulate) and patching the vent(because fumes enter the house from this opening). I wanted to tear down the drywall and old insulation and replace it, but my husband disagrees and thinks it's a waste of money. Am I on the right track?

Re: Spray Foam Insulation for garage under bedroom

The fact you have your home's heating system tied into the garage is a code violation in areas that I know. Besides .... it's a bad idea as you mentioned ... coarbon monoxide and other fumes can enter the home from this.

In situations such as yours where rooms above garages are cold ..... spray foam is ideal. Not only from the insulating value it provides but also as an air barrier.

The R 11 insulation that exists is probably fiberglass batts and there likely is air from outside circulating inside the ceiling of the garage as well. This moving air greatly reduces the insulating performance of the fiberglass batts.

This is an important part to aid in making the floors of the upper rooms warm ..... providing an air barrier preventing any air movement within this space.

Closed cell spray foam will effectively create an air barrier and high value of insulation .... also it will seal the garage from fumes infiltrating the living spaces above.

Hopefully this helps.:)

Re: Spray Foam Insulation for garage under bedroom

Yes, thank you for your response. It is very helpful. I appreciate your advice. Now, on to find a good insulation company! I was thinking of having the air duct work replaced as well since the air is cold by the time it reaches the bedrooms. I
suspect the open garage vent is causing a huge problem to our efficiency as well.

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