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Sewage and sewage gas smell in bathroom

My house was built in 1949 and renovated in 2001 (just before I moved in), and is built on a slab. The only original bathroom starting having a sewage smell every few months several years ago. This bathroom was not used regularly, so I would just run water in the sink and bathroom, and the smell would go away. Over the years, the smell has become more frequent and stronger. Now it's daily. I have had the wax seal replaced, and the toilet. And the smell remains. The plumber stated that the flange was tilted (that's why he used 2 wax seals). The smell still remains, but not as strong. There is no backup or gurgling when the toilet is flushed. The city did find roots in the portion of the line that they are reponsible for and cleaned it out, but the smell still comes back.


Re: Sewage and sewage gas smell in bathroom

Things you want to check for are ...traps under sink and tub or shower. Do they exist. Toilets have a built in trap so there is no need to check here. These are in place to keep gases from backing up into the house. Are these lines connected to an air vent pipe that leads out side and threw the roof and is not near any kind of window. Some people like to install cheater vents in wall but this just tend to keep the gases in the wall cavities and eventually leaches through openings in walls. A sulfur smell can be sometimes confused with a sewer smell. If you have this problem you will need to install a water system to clean the mineral out of your water. You can have your water tested for these minerals.

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