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Ridding rodent pests from house

Every year a tree next to my house drops an above average amount of acorns, the rodents seem to find their way back into my house. My goal this year is to stop that. I am caulking, foaming, replacing, poisoning, etc. I dont think they have made it to the main floor, but I have found dead mice in the basement and I hear them in the attic.

I think they maneuver through the joists through the abnormally large holes cut for the copper (heat pipes) in the floor joists (looking up from the basement). I was wondering if I could spray foam each hole, so only the copper goes through. I wanted to make sure that didnt stress the pipes. Can anyone comment on this?


Re: Ridding rodent pests from house

You can spray foam around the pipes, the mice will probably just eat it, or they will eat the wood next to it and make a new hole.

I don't have a basement, but I do have a crawl space and Oak trees and I used to have a lot of mice. First the rat snakes moved in, that wasn't my idea of a good solution, but it happened. Then someone dumped a couple of feral cats nearby, they had kittens.

By the time I got them all trapped and fixed (and rabies shots), I had a total of 20 of them. I released them back in my yard, put a little food out to maintain them. I still have about 15 cats at last count, but no mice and no snakes.

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Re: Ridding rodent pests from house

Another key item that you mentioned was the acorns falling every year. Raking these up and disposing of them will help eliminate the food source that could be attracting them.

When foaming the holes, add copper stuffit or wool to the gaps before you foam them. This will make it nearly impossible to penetrate. Seal any gap larger than a pencil at the foundation level to as high as you can go as mice will enter from the ground all the way to the roof!

Re: Ridding rodent pests from house

All of the above are good suggestions.

I like eliminating food supplies, because you practically can't seal the house 100%. Use bait and poison too.

And if you have a BB gun, pull a lawn chair out, a six pack, sit down and wait for the bigger rodents. But remember, I never suggested this.

Re: Ridding rodent pests from house

The process of rat control is well known: sanitize, rat-proof your home, then eliminate the existing rat population. The last step of the rat control process can prove the most challenging of three.

Re: Ridding rodent pests from house

I have the same experience. Sealing didn't work for me, somehow rodents find a way around the seals. In most cases they chew off the wood around it, I hear them do it slowly but surely. I tried getting rid of their food source but it involves a lot of work. So the last resort are cats, I have 4 of them and instead of sealing some of the holes I make them big enough for them to enter and chase the rodents. Since then I had no trouble with those pests.

Re: Ridding rodent pests from house

If you don't have cats, Jack Russell terriers also work very well. We have lent ours out to neighbors who have had rodent problems. Once the critters learn there are predators around they stay away.

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