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I think I have the same question posted by GreatBritton on 10/21. There are currently no replies to the 10/21 posting, so I will post the question as well.

Two or three episodes ago TOH gave a tour of a shingle-style house that had been remodeled. I believe the owner was a member of LDa Architects, though I am not sure. I loved the interior design and made a note to research it when I had time. Would like to get pictures of the interior of the home, or better yet, a re-run of that particular TOH episode. Also, does anyone know who did the interior design for that remodel -- LDa or another firm?

Thank you,

Re: the other house

TOH did a tour of the architect’s (Treff LaFleche) house on the Newton project. It was the one with the big hunk of ledge in the front yard. Is that the house you are referring to? You can catch it again on the summer reruns.

Re: the other house (the Newton Cottage)

I just caught this show today, June 1, 2008! and I think that WAS the last summer rerun. I am amazed that there are no interior pictures of this house online, I would love to study it. Do the same houses appear in the magazine? And if so, does it appear near the same time as the original airing? I am very frustrated, have been all over the site, been teased with "click here for videos" and just can't find anything.

Does anyone know what the black countertops were made of, and what the paint or finish was on the black cabinets? I was very taken with all of the black wood, help!

Re: the other house

Since that was just a side trip and not the main project I don’t think they have anything online or in the magazine about it. But you could try writing to the architectural firm and see if they’d give you the information you are looking for.

Good luck.

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