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opening up galley kitchen?

I would like to cut out part of the kitchen wall. Just not sure if it is possible.What i have .( you enter the room with a doorway to the dining room on the left.cont on the left wall is 6 feet of wall. thats the wall i want to cut to open to the dining room.Next is the basement door with stairs going down.above those stairs are the stairs going to the 2nd floor.carring beam? I would think so. so is it possible to cut the wall and removing studs from that wall? not sure THANKS FOR ANY ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE.:confused:

Re: opening up galley kitchen?

Not sure what you can do other than to get someone into the house who knows about structures and see if he will give you a little advice on weather the wall is a supporting wall or not.

Next you need to ask yourself if there is anything that runs through that wall. Electrical, plumbing ect.

Last, have you considered a pass through window? It may not be quite as open as you like, but can open the kitchen a little without ruining the structure or support of the wall. All things to consider, but I would get a contractor in there to at least check it out before you tear it down.

Re: opening up galley kitchen?

Ditto to what Capellam44 posted.

Re: opening up galley kitchen?

Yes the orignal idea was to open it up into a window.I guess im just thinking even more open. Thanks for the input.

Re: opening up galley kitchen?

We are wanting to cut open our kitchen wall as well. I would like to put a breakfast bar in there. In the kitchen we would have cabinets below and maybe some small ones above but on the other side of the wall in the dinning room is where the breakfast bar would be. My question is if it is not a main bearing wall but it appears to be a weeight bearing wall is it safe to cut a section out measuring 6ft wide by 4ft high? What would be the best way to do this? Do we need to put a beam in or will it be okay with it not being a total cut out?

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