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New Gas Stove/Oven recommendation - with "NO" electronic control board

Looking to purchase a NEW gas stove/oven combo - 30" size width for my kitchen remodel. 

First question, I need a recommendation for a 30" new gas stove/oven combo without the stupid electric control board/interface. Additionally, the new gas stove/oven combo must have a toxic free oven interior - see second question below. 

Second question, I need recommendation on what ovens are toxic free! Note: I have not been able to find a toxic free interior oven as of this writing (ovens contain a pyrolytic ground coat enamel -containing toxic fumes is of particular concern to green-minded home owners). However, perhaps someone on this blog can recommend a toxic free oven brand? 

Note: I looked into Wolf and Thermador and other supposed professional products but they get very bad reviews - perhaps those brands used to be good quality in the past, but not presently because they ride on their marketing more so than their quality these days. 

I did a lot of research before this post and to-date have not been able to find any quality brands - so, if you know of any that you personally use and are very happy with that would be of great help to me. Also, if you reply, please only respond if you have used the gas stove/oven for more than six month. Note: I purchased a GE profile gas stove/oven and it failed due to the stupid electronic control unit - the technician replaced the control unit, but the oven would still not work! BEWARE, of any gas stove/ovens that use an electric interface/control unit because they will fail; most new gas stoves/ovens use these stupid electronic control units/interfaces. 

I greatly appreciate any help, thank you! 

Re: New Gas Stove/Oven recommendation - with "NO" electronic...

Hi - My Kitchen aid died after 15  years, the tech said with the "motherboard" being close to the heat, it damages the control board. Soooo during my research I bought a Samsung NX58M9420SS , WITH  a regular Bake & Convection Bake.  1st, the knobs on this model are very dangerous, brushing up, bumping, leaning, reaching, will turn on the knobs, click, click and twice I actually turned on the jets on 2 burnes!!!! 2nd The stove went back because the oven would not keep temperature at 350 degrees.

I upgeaded to a Samsun NX58H9500WS. These knobs are better, they don't accidently turn on.  However, the bake setting did NOT stay at 350. It would go from 325 to 400, but never stay at 350  The tech said that Samsung "trained" them to "take the highest/lowest temp, divided it by 2 and you get "your average temp for the oven"  How do you bake a cake at 350 or a cheese cake when the temp fluctuates so much.  The tech said to "use the convection bake, it is better."  We tried the convencation bake and it just varied a degree or two below/above 350.  Notwithstanding the fact that they are  FORCING me to USE the convection bake that I don't like instead of the regular bake is UNACCEPTABLE.   

The Samsung REP from the store said,  I must have had a FLUKE that this does not happen  They just delivered my 3rd stove!  After burning all the junk out of the oven, I had my trusty oven thermometers in traking the temperature.  Once agin, the REG BAKE CYCLES BETWEEN 325 -400 DEGREES.  The Convection Beeps at 350 but the temp in the oven is only 325.  About 3 min later it goes up to 350. then 3 min later 375 degrees.  I would like to know HOW SAMSUNG is ALLOWED to sell a range that does not keep accurate temperature?  OKyou may say, my oven thermometer is "not" accurate, but the 2 techs that came out, using their "calibrated" tester, came up with the same temperature as my oven thermometer!  


Re: New Gas Stove/Oven recommendation - with "NO" electronic...



Can't help you with the "non toxic" interiors since they are ALL nontoxic once they leave the factory.  Conditions during construction are different.  But they're ALL "toxic free" (pretty sure you actually mean toxiN free) in your kitchen.

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