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Move Water Heater

Hi. Yesterday lightening struck the house across the street and blew up the two Gas water heaters located in the attic. The house was gone in minutes. We live on a hill and lightening is common here. Our water heaters are also in the attic. As you might imagine, we are concerned. We aren't crazy about water heaters in the attic to begin with. Are there any options to moving the water heaters, for example, to the garage. Maybe we should buy an instant water heating unit...don't those eliminate the need for water heaters, or, do you think lightening rods are the way to go. Other options? Or, are we overly concerned?

Best Regards.

A. Spruce
Re: Move Water Heater

You can locate a waterheater anyplace that is convenient and that you can get the necessary access to the waterlines and an energy source. That being said, the garage is fine. A better place could be an interior closet or laundry room where access to existing water lines is more convenient, it just depends on how your house is laid out.

Instant hot waterheaters may be an option, though I do not know much about them to offer advice.

If lightning strikes are common in your area, then some research into lightning rods would be prudent. If this was a rare occurance, then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Re: Move Water Heater

Spruce is right, you can put a water heater just about anyplace you like but remember that the further away from your sink or shower it is the longer it will take you to get hot water

Re: Move Water Heater

Thanks very much. We appreciate your feedback.

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