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Mold in crawl space

I am in the process of purchasing a foreclosed home that has a water and mold problem in the crawlspace. The bank that I am buying the property from is taking care of the mold issue, which resulted from a broken sump pump and the house being vacant for 3 months. I would like to install my own drainage system with a sump pit and some kind of french drain system, but I am not very familiar with either. The crawl space is about 700 sq ft, and is a dirt floor with the sump pump situated in the center. I would like to do the work myself, and if anyone has any helpful tips it would greatly be appreciated.

Re: Mold in crawl space

There are a couple of good sites that discuss crawl space science I recommend. These sites will help you look into a system that will not only fix a current system, but aid you in prevention of future mold infestation. www.SolutionsIEC.com and www.basementsystems.com/crawlspace/ and www.buildingscience.com/documents/reports/rr-0401-conditioned-crawl-space-construction-performance-and-codes/. The last one has the most information on crawl space science if I remember correctly.

Re: Mold in crawl space

Thank you...that last article was very helpful. I've been hearing so many different things about crawlspaces it's hard to tell whats right and whats wrong. I appreciate the info.

Timothy Miller
Re: Mold in crawl space

Is there standing water in the crawl space?
Are the down spouts extended 8 feet away from the home. is the slope of the yard down sloping away from the house? Any sprinklier heads spraying tward the home? Ask nieghbors have sump pumps? Look in the pump pit to see it it has a drain system first.... Crawl space vented to out side and vents open?

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