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Mold in attic

I have mold growing on the inside of my roof in my attic. I just had a new roof put on about 3 years ago because of the mold problem. The roof has been properly vented with a ridge vent and vents around the soffit (many were put in). I noticed that when I pick up a plastic lid that was lying on the floor of the attic that there was a lot of condensation under it. I am also getting this on and under the plastic bags in my attic. The floor of the attic is insulated (I do not know what type). The attic is small; you can only sit in it at spots. Please let me know what I need to do to alleviate this constant problem. Also, I have an attic fan with a humidistat. I believe that my attic is too warm (it is not the same temperature as the outside). I live in Cleveland so it should be about -5 up there now and it's probably about 40 degrees or more. Help! Thank you!!!

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Re: Mold in attic

The most common reason that this might be happening is that your bath vent is improperly vented into your attic and is dumping warm, moist air into your attic this would be the first place I would look especially with your attic being that much warmer then the outside.


Re: Mold in attic

Do you have a basement or a crawl space?? I live in Michigan. Had mold in my attic, replaced the roof and added an attic fan and a bunch of extra vents. Mold came right back. After having many specialist out to the house, I finally had a home inspector tell me that it was because my crawl space didn't have a vapor barrier, there was only dirt. The condensation from under my house in the spring or whatever, would travel up the wood in the walls and cause moisture in the attic. We followed his advice and added the vapor barrier 3 years ago and did a water/bleach treatment in the attic to rid of excisting mold- IT NEVER CAME BACK!! I never would've put that one together myself.

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