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loud house noise

:eek:As I write this, I'm wating for the next BOOM! Earlier today while taking a nap, I was awakened by a house rattling boom. I mean the windows actually were shaking. After taking a look around I found nothing. The noise is coming from a lower floor, basement or 1st floor but I can't figure out where. Sounds like someone SLAMS a door or dropping something really heavy. Any suggestions as to what this is and how to stop it?

Re: loud house noise

You don't live near a military base or quarry, do you? That happens all the time at our house. Between the Army proving ground and the gravel pits, we can't tell if it's thunder or explosions. :eek:

What type of heating system do you have?

Re: loud house noise

Thats what I was thinking. They do sled test out here on the base along with the bombing range you might think it was in the house, a big thud, the windows shake and it is over.
The only thing I can think of is an over active boiler or water heater somehow boiling the water and that is making the noise. But it doesn't seem like that would be all that noticeable.

Re: loud house noise

I have a similar boom in my home. In my case it's the metal garage door heating up and booming as is shifts or expands. It always seems to happen when I'm here alone with the kids and there have been a series of break ins in the area.

Perhaps you're experiencing that or a close neighbor.

Re: loud house noise

Did you get the root cause of the problem?

I have the same phenomena in the last two month.
It is not an external noise.
It happened few times a day. Normally when the house is in “cooling” slot (e.g. after 9:30 PM when we let the temperature drop down).
Initially I suspect that the problem is coming from the furnace/water heather but I had it serviced and I am not sure about it anymore.
Interesting, when I hear the BOOM from my living room, it is very strong noise that shake the floor. But, when I am in the basement, the boom sound weaker… And it sound as it comes from the basement ceiling.
I am confused. Is it possible to be some pipe / brick / metal that is making this loud noise when the house is cooling? Currently the house thermostat setting morning/afternoon/evening/night is 65/60/65/50.

Re: loud house noise

Hi Steve - snow and ice sliding off my roof create house shaking sonic booms when they hit the ground. First time it happened I thought a snow plow had run straight into the house. My neighbor had similar experience and put on a double roof to solve it.

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