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Kitchen Ventilation

As a bachelor, I cooked in my kitchen which doesn't have any ventiliation. I used a simple trick: I put a window fan and lowered the window pane to the fan's level and turned the fan on high; I'd also open another window in the pantry to cross ventilate. After closing the kitchen entry door, I'd set up the fan and the pantry window (both at considerable distance from each and at 90 degress) and the system worked flawlessly. The only problem with the system is the Winter cold which would make the kitchen cold with all the air flowing thru the kitchen.

I recently got married and my wife finds this arrangement not to her liking. She wants a ventilation system in the kitchen. My fear is that any duct that open to the exterior of the house will bring draft and cold air back in the kitchen which would result in a colder kitchen. Currently there is no heating radiator in the kitchen and in Winter tempratures of Northeast, the kitchen is decently warm.

I would like to know what my options are. I don't want back draft or cold from the duct vent (opening in the exterior) bring cold in the kitchen. I also don't want a heating radiator or a space heater in the kitchen as it will increase the heating cost for me.

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