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Hurricane Sandy

Did anyone, or anyone you know, experience damages in the hurricane?

Re: Hurricane Sandy

I think we should discuss the prevention methods from Sandy.

Re: Hurricane Sandy
Tony_01 wrote:

I think we should discuss the prevention methods from Sandy.

I think we can start by: get supplies ready, to keep you going a few days. That includes food, water and a working generator. The problem: you can only store little gas, and it needs to be rotated, so you will run out of your gas supply quickly.

Re: Hurricane Sandy

Storm prep list ideas...add to it as you see fit....

#1...if you are in a flood area or storm surge area....get the heck out.

Get at least 15 days of drinking water on hand

Get at least 15 days of non refrigerated food on hand

Fill bathtub/s with water for toilet flushing

Set up water collection from gutters for toilet flushing usage

Clean all gutters of leaves and debris

Clean any drainage ditch areas that provide surface water runoff of debris

Check operation of sump pumps, have a backup if you have multiple pumps on the property

Check operation of generator (this should be done monthly anyway)

Make a list of items that need generator power and a rotation schedule if necessary. (ie 'fridge needs power every 4 hours, septic pump every 8 hours, freezer every 6 hours, etc)

Fill all vehicles with gas

Fill extra gas cans with gas have enough on hand for 15 days of generator usage, treat gas with fuel stabilizer.

Get a hand siphon in case you need to take vehicle gas for generator

Provide for an alternate source of heat and have enough fuel for a month

Have a few camp lanterns, oil lamps. Minimize usage of battery powered flashlights

Check operation of chain saw, get fresh gas mix, sharpen chains, have at least two chains.

Get extra cash since CC's & ATM's may not be viable

Stock up on prescription meds

Re: Hurricane Sandy

While those are excellent suggestions on what to do immediately before the storm, there are longer range plans.

Here in hurricane country of coastal Texas, we do a lot of things top protect ourselves;

1- Buy flood insurance.

2- Buy flood insurance.

3- Build homes higher off the ground.

4- If you have a basement (we don't) finish it at your own risk.

5- Don't leave valuable items where they can be flooded; get that HWH as high as possible, don't set that HVAC unit on the ground

6- Keep a few 5 gallon containers for gasoline / kerosene handy. If you wait until the flood, there will be none.

7- Buy a generator NOW. Get familiar with how to use it. Use it regularly so it works when you need it.

8- Make a plan on where to go when you don't have power, water, a home. Hotels fill in a heartbeat. Make friends uphill.

9- Get flood insurance.

10- "But it never flooded here before" aren't words you ever want to say while picking up your soaked belongings. Get flood insurance.

11- It isn't the high winds that do all the damage, its the flood waters. Get flood insurance.

12- Keep copies of important documents in a dry place. Email yourself what you need from your hard drive.

13- Teach your kids to swim.

Re: Hurricane Sandy
Tony_01 wrote:

I think we should discuss the prevention methods from Sandy.

Great idea, but add to that a "playbook" for the hardest part: after a disaster.

Our town was flooded with almost 5 feet of water above street level and never having been through a disaster before, it was incredibly overwhelming trying to work out what steps we needed to take first. Somehow we managed, but I never want to live through that kind of experience again!

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