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How to repair a Garage exterior wall

I have about 10 feet of water damage to an exterior wall in my garage. The water is seeping in from the outside when it rains. I have tried sealing outside areas where I think the water enters, but the damage to the wall continues to get worse. How can I tell where the water enters, and how can I repair it?

Thank you for any advice!

A. Spruce
Re: How to repair a Garage exterior wall

Can you post a picture? Without a better description of the problem and exact location or good images, there's no way we can offer any advice.

What kind of siding do you have?
Is the damage along the bottom of the wall, if so, is there a foundation wall/curb?
Is the surrounding soil level higher than the bottom of the siding?
Are there any windows or doors in the wall?
What is the condition of the roof?

Re: How to repair a Garage exterior wall

I have a few suggestions. First of all, it might be wise to dig a trench along the wall, and install some drain tile so the water has a way to escape. Be sure you run the tile far enough away from the garage, to get good slope, and it does not bother anything. Put good rock around the tile, so water can get into the tile ASAP.

Another option is to grade the slope, so all water runs away from the foundation.

By chance, if there is concrete, asphalt, etc, along the wall, it would still be wise to install drain tile to get rid of that water.

Do you have gutters on the garage? If not, install some, so all rainfall from the roof does not run against the wall.

Looks like you will then have to replace the bad wall.

Enjoy your Christmas.

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