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How to insulate a closed off attic space

Need help with trying to figure out how to get insulation in the attic space above my kitchen. I have a two story house with a one story garage, in between the garage and the house looks like a breezeway. This is my kitchen. Since this is a one story section, the roof from it connects to the middle of the wall and the two story part, and the roof from the breezeway part connects to the garage roof. There is no access to this attic space over the kitchen from the garage or the two story part of the house. There is no where to put an sttic access in the kitchen except in the middle of the ceiling. since the roof pitches are opposite over the garage and the kitchen, I was thinking maybe I could cut a hole in the garage roof were the kitchen roof butts up to it and try and blow some insulation through that way. I just did not know if there would be roof trusses that would be in the way.

See pictures attached .


Chris Dunn

Re: How to insulate a closed off attic space

If your talking about going through the ceiling in the garage and cutting through where the roof is not exposed to the outside,its a great option,you be able to tell when you hit a truss or rafter if your using a sawzall you will feel a stronger resistance then you would from just the decking.when you hit cut down it and over to the next rafter and back to where you started.if you would like to try something else you could install a roof vent in the back side of the roof and access it from there.Hey if it's not vented allready it needs to be vented anyway.

Re: How to insulate a closed off attic space

Thanks for your help. No it is not vented now and we are planning that also. I was not sure how big the opening for the vent would be if it would allow us to blow in insulation. That is we I was thinking of going through the garage cieling. But was not sure if there would be to many roof trusses to allow us to blow it everywhere with out it getting all hung up on the trusses instead of going between the cieling joists.

Thanks for your help:)

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