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How to fill gap between sink and backsplash?

We just completed a kitchen remodel and have newly installed granite counter tops. The sink is a drop in model (swanstone). With the way things ended up, there is approximately a 1/2" gap between the back edge of the sink and the granite backsplash. This is going to be an obvious area of problems with water, cleanup, etc being so thin.

I think I would like to seal it so water can't just sit there and cause problems. Is caulk the best answer? Should a backer rod be used? The approximate lip height of the sink is 3/8".

Thoughts? Recommendations?

Re: How to fill gap between sink and backsplash?

I'm not sure if I understand the issue.

Was there a cutout made in the granite to fit the drop in sink ?

Is there granite between the back lip of the sink and the back splash ?

Is it the joint between the back splash and counter the area of concern?

Re: How to fill gap between sink and backsplash?

i followed your description of what's going on as i've some across this once before. the home owner wanted to fill the gap with caulking which i immediately talked him out of. basically what we did was to add additional mold resistant caulking to the joint betweeen the backspalsh and countertop and also along the back side of the sink where it meets the countertop. there really isn't a way to fix the problem regarding leveling out that area. it's more a case of bad planning on either your or the countertop people. it is something that they should make you aware of but they usually don't care because all they want to do it cut it and install it. what you're going to be left with is an area where you have to use the side of the sponge to clean it whenever it gets wet back there. if someone does have a different solution i would love to hear it. just don't fill the gap with caulking, it won't look good.

Re: How to fill gap between sink and backsplash?

Thanks for the response and you are correct on your analysis. Basically there is a channel between the sink edge and the backsplash edge. The old counter top had an integrated backsplash and I believe we had about an inch channel. Since the granite backsplash is much thicker the channel became much smaller. There actually was not much choice with placement due to cabinet size and sink size (depth of 22").

I will plan on adding an additional layer of caulk on both sides of the channel for better protection.

Re: How to fill gap between sink and backsplash?

adding caulk will surely go a long way in solving your problem

Re: How to fill gap between sink and backsplash?

If the area is closed- ie no holes, and it has been properly caulked already, the easy solution is to keep a thin sponge handy at the sink and give it a quick wipe in that area when you're finished using it for awhile. Once you get into that takes-only-two-seconds habit you'll have no problems there with anything.


Re: How to fill gap between sink and backsplash?

The granite people certainly made a mistake.

MLBSF has the best idea, but you will always have a problem there. Can you replace the sink with a bigger lip?

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