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Heat buildup in garage

Recently moved into a newer home (insulated concrete foam) and noticed as the weather has warmed how much hotter it is in the garage. Attic above garage is not insulated, rest of the house is. Should I insulate this, or install an attic fan? There is no attic fan in the home.

Re: Heat buildup in garage

I'd go ahead and insulate it. It should help somewhat. Also you might look at which way your garage door is facing. If it's on the West side of the house, you might be getting the afternoon sun on it. If it's a metal door, it'll transmit that heat pretty quickly. Not sure how much money you want to spend on the garage temperature but insulation is pretty cheap to start with.

Good Luck.

Re: Heat buildup in garage

Thanks for the courtesy of a reply, I appreciate it.

Re: Heat buildup in garage

If it is west facing you could simply get a insulated door and that would help immensely. :p

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