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Hanging plasma TV over a fireplace

I just purchased a 59" TV (probably weighs about 60 to 80 lbs). I would like to hang it over a fireplace. The fireplace is on the lower level of a 1984 walkout ranch and has a brick chimney supporting another large brick fireplace on the first floor. I cannot find any studs in the wall with a studfinder, even at a deep setting. In drilling a small hole, the wall above the fireplace seems to be about 1/2" thick plasterboard with a plywood backing of about 3/4" to 1" thick ply. Then, the brick is about 1/4" behind the plywood. There is no access to the space from the sides.
I have a tilting bracket for the TV. I am thinking about just hanging the bracket with a number of #12 sheet metal screws going through the plywood.
Also, do you have any ideas on how to disguise the wiring? I am thinking that I will have to lead it out the side to a cabinet where I can access electric and the TV cable.

Re: Hanging plasma TV over a fireplace

The hard way would be to strip the wall down to the brick and rebuild.

An easier way would be to drill holes where the mounting bolts go for the tilt mount. You will need a masonry drill bit and a hammer drill if you have one and drill into the brick at least two inches. Then you use a bolt that is designed to go into the brick and grip it. It is really a stud that you pound into the hole, then you remove the nut, hang the TV mount, put the nut on and as you tighten the nut, it will jam the stud into the brick. It won't come out. I can't remember the name of this but someone at the hardware store or home center should know.

But before you hang the TV, think trim. Think of a nice trim pattern that would use 1x6 as part of the trim. You will need some of this trim to go behind the TV, Now just hollow out some runs in the sheetrock, run the cables and then cover with the trim boards and paint. Its best to run some extra HDMI cables and maybe an extra fiber optic cable through the runs for future use. If you plan on getting a WII, then add a small diameter composite video cable with an RCA audio pair as well.

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