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Garage door seems stuck

my hand held opener as well as my wall mounted opener can not open my garage door anymore for some reason. It makes a loud sound as it tries to open but then remains in the same position. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Garage door seems stuck

Check to see if the counter-balance spring is still intact (not broken).

Re: Garage door seems stuck

Make sure someone didn't slid the latches in or turned the handle and locked the door.

A. Spruce
Re: Garage door seems stuck
libcarp wrote:

Check to see if the counter-balance spring is still intact (not broken).

That would be my first guess as well. Easy enough to check. If you can't see a visible break in the counter balance spring, disengage the opener and manually lift the door. If the spring is intact the door should lift fairly easily, if it's broken, you'll need a couple of strong men and a few small children to lift it.;)

Counter balance springs can be replaced, but there's a knack to doing it safely. You may just want to hire a roll-up door specialist to come deal with it.

If the spring is fine, the door could be binding due to needing lubrication, a loose piece of track, broken roller, etc. Again, manually operating the door should reveal the culprit.

Re: Garage door seems stuck

If is a sping problem and you are not exactly sure about what you are doing, please call a pro. I know of a guy who tried to remove one and now has permanent brain damage who messed with one.

Re: Garage door seems stuck

Or the plastic gears have stripped out inside the unit.

Re: Garage door seems stuck

I just had the same thing happen to me. If it is not the spring or the door locked as stated above. It could be the internal gears. I have a friend who repairs garage doors for a living and he replaced the gears inside. There are kits available. But he told me that to replace them is almost as expensive as a new opener.

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