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Garage Door Opener Problem

We have a problem with our garage door opener in that it fails to close sometimes. It seems to happen mainly in rainy weather but occasionally happens in dry weather, too. When you hit the button to close (either from the remote in the car or the panel on the wall in the garage) it will only go down to a certain level and will then reverse and go back up as if it had detected something in its way.

Would appreciate any ideas on this problem.

Re: Garage Door Opener Problem

Have you cleaned off the sensor on each side of the doorway. Mine will do that occasionally when a spider web or some dirt gets in the way of the sensor. Although, mine usually does it when the sun is hitting it, I guess because of the shadow from the obstruction.

Re: Garage Door Opener Problem

Ditto to bp21901 posted.

Also there may be an adjustment needed to the opener itself for the "down" position.

Hope this helps. :)

I recalled a previous thread on this : http://advice.thisoldhouse.com/showthread.php?t=3584&highlight=garage+door+opener

Re: Garage Door Opener Problem

I agree with canuk & bp.

If the door is made of wood, since it is binding in wet weather, this may indicate that the wood is expanding from the moisture & forcing the roller wheels to bind agaisnt the steel tracks on either side.

Try pulling the emergency cord to detatch the door from the opener & operate the door manually several times---this usually reveals the source of the binding.

There should be 1/2" play between the door & the track rollers; if there is less, loosen some of the bracket bolts & widen the brackets slightly for more clearance by hitting them with a block of wood & hammer.

Also follow canuk's advice & adust the down force on the opener---the instructions are in the owner's manual--if you don't have it, you may find it on-line by Googling the mfgr & model #.


Re: Garage Door Opener Problem

I Had the same thing on my door. The safty beam lights were just enough off that it caused the door to reverse. I agree with Jack and Canuck also

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