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John Manus
Fiberglass resin coated CI

Experience & Opinions PLEASE!
1-I'm replacing 3' of Cast Iron ptrap, pipe and wye's with ABS.
2-my goal is to further preserve a sound, but 50 yr old CI shower drain set in 3" of concrete shower pan in a tiled shower.
3-after gentely cleaning interior of drain, I plan to 'paint' on several layers of 2 part fiberglass resin.

Anyone ever do as above? Can it work? Worst I can think of is f-glass flaking off. Beyond the 3', waste line becomes 4" ABS.
Many thanks, John M.

Re: Fiberglass resin coated CI

Why do part of the job. When your patch job fails you will be back doing it again. Bite the bullet and do a proper repair the first time.


John Manus
Re: Fiberglass coated CI#2

Thanks johnjh20-I too believe in doing it right the first time. However, rest of story- 110 yo victorian, this is upstairs bath with two of each fixtures. Dual tile showers built on raised platform, separate waste lines. 10 yrs before I retired, I personally replumbed entirety; copper in and abs out. This bath occasionally used for guests. I've monitored showers because I did not replace at that time. If other shower fails, I'll replace both. Til then, f-glass resin seems durable and compatible as a protective coating. Have you ever used these two materials this way? Thanks, John M.

Re: Fiberglass resin coated CI

John I can't say if it will work or not, I have never been allowed to experiment with customers plumbing repairs. We are paid to make repairs that are not temporary. I'm sure if you were paying for the repair you wouldn't be happy with them just patching the trap. That being said,I do hope that your repair works out for you.


Re: Fiberglass resin coated CI

Mr. John Manus,

Call your local pipe lining company, if you have one in your county. After cutting away trap have a 2" resin liner installed from the top of your shower drain to the cut away section below the pan. Pipe lining companies can line piping from 2" up to 30", it should not cost more than a couple hundredbucks to do. Yet be aware that what you are planning on doing and the pipe liner will do the same, is cover up the seep holes in the cast iron drain at hot mop level below your mortar base. This is how water seepage that goes through tile grout, mortar has a way to excape and not build up in the pan.
All though, if you just want some extra life from the drain and you have no leaking shower pan issues the liner will work much better than any painted on any thing. If your going to band aid, band aid right.
Hope this helps, Chris

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