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Existing Sink Cutout Too Small For Standard Sinks

Hey guys!

So my husband and I are desperate to get rid of our ugly cast iron, rusting sink that the previous owners installed and we've run into a problem with doing so. It's a standard 25 x 22 sink. Previously, we've hired a plumber to replace it with another 25 x 22 sink only to find out the cut out was too small for that sink. We gave up, thanked the plumber for his efforts and decided to put it on the back burner (he'd been there to install a dishwasher, which was the more important thing anyway).

Fast forward a couple of years later and the sink continues to be an eyesore in an otherwise nice kitchen. We've tiled, redone the cabinets, gotten new appliances... And then we have this ugly rusted sink that is chipping/falling apart at the edges. So I did some better research this time, actually measured under the sink (what a pain) to get a feel for how big the sink cut out is and what the heck... 23.75in x 20.5in. Just about all of the sinks I've looked at (okay, all of them) require a cut out size of roughly 24.5 and 21.5.

Our countertop is corian. It's not ultimately the countertops that I want in the kitchen but since that'll require doing both countertops and backsplash and there are other things in the house I want to get to first, we've more or less put that off for a little bit. Am I pipe dreaming here that I may be able to widen the existing cutout to put a new sink in or is that too much of a hassle and we should just wait until we opt to redo the countertops and backsplash, whenever that may be?

Link to a super ugly sink situation: http://i63.tinypic.com/2w383rm.jpg

Re: Existing Sink Cutout Too Small For Standard Sinks

I don't know what your abilities are, but the proper tool is an angle grinder.  Make sure the middle fo the slab is well supported, as well as all areas not being cut.  If you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself then it should be something the original installers, or any installers, should be able to easily do for a reasonable charge.


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