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Downspout Diverter

A recent episode w/Roger Cook showed him installing a downspout diverter that fills a rainbarrel and when the rainbarrel is full it automatically diverts the water back down the downspout. I've looked at Lowe's for one of these without success - I've searched the internet - with no results.
Can anyone give me a brand name, website, ??? so I can locate one of these? Any info will be appreciated.

Re: Downspout Diverter

Thanks for the info DwarfWytch - I'll do more research - didn't occur to me that the diverter came with the oak rain barrel - it seems like it would work with any rain barrel - your observations re potential problems in freezing weather bear consideration in North Carolina also. Appreciate your feedback.

Re: Downspout Diverter

new downspout diverters can be found here: http://www.aquabarrel.com
you can also find different kinds of downspout filters there too

Re: Downspout Diverter

As far as Rain Diverters go I recommend the eco-friendly RainReserve Diverter. Made out of recycled bio material, and made in the USA. This is the best diverter because its built to withstand winters, and heavy rains. The RainReserve Diverter prevents mosquitoes and critters from getting into your system. The RainReserve Diverter also diverts rain barrel overflow back out the downspout. My RainReserve came with flexible tubing so I could put my barrel around the corner. (You could even put them underground or in the garage). I found my rain barrels and my Diverter at:


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