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DIY This Old House episodes

Does anyone know if DIY will put new episodes on. They have been showing the same ones for I dont know how long. I have seen the 25th anniversity one I dont know how long along with the Washington Dc row house and Carlisle Project and Cambridge.

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I agree! They have been showing these projects over and over again for at least the past year. Its "this old house classics", why not air episodes from the 80's and 90's?

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I totally agree. I wish they would show new projects. Seeing the same ones over and over again is making me lose my interest in the show. I have already taken it off my DVR to record automatically (OH NO!)

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I'm sick of watching Sopranos reruns...whens the movie comin' out?
5 Zillion channels and I can't find anything to watch :mad:
Thank god for Sirius radio and books :)

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I agree (of course)! A lot of the people I know were just as happy as I was to hear that DIY would be carrying TOH. But that seems to have caused many of the other stations around here (Chicago) to stop showing TOH Classics.

And now DIY has limited itself to show the 3 projects I affectionately call "The 3 'C's (Carlisle, Cambridge and Columbia, The District of) over and over and ... And even those episodes seem to have been hacked to pieces to give DIY the ad time to tell us what a wonderful job they are doing showing TOH.

Now all of us who had been glad to see them coming to DIY are just as disappointed with DIY (and to a lesser extent TOH) for not correcting the situation. I have sent e-mails to both TOH and DIY and for some reason they are being quite silent on the subject. Come on folks, please, let us know what's going on??

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I've wrote the following to DIY network asking what's up with repeating the same three episodes over and over and over again.

"Why do you guys keep repeating the same three projects over and over
and over again. There are 25 years worth of This Old House projects to
choose from. You're doing the same thing with Bob Vila's Home Again show.
There's 15 years worth of projects for that show but you keep
repeating the same ones over and over and over again. You've lost this viewer
until you decide to dig into the vault and re-run some of the vintage
episodes of these shows."

I got the following response:

"Dear Dennis,

Hello and thank you for your email.

First, please accept our sincerest apology for the lengthy delay in
getting back to you with a response. We've been experiencing intermittent
mail server issues of late which have caused a significant delay in
getting back to our customers.

DIY is excited to have "This Old House" airing on the network this
year, and we're thrilled that you've become a fan. New episodes of this
syndicated series are currently in production and will eventually make
their way over to DIY. In the meantime, if you love Norm Abram, be sure
to catch "New Yankee Workshop" on Saturday nights. Also, "Ask This Old
House" can be seen weekend mornings. In addition, we're launching new
DIY home improvement programs throughout the year.

Again, thank you for writing and providing us with your views on our
programs. We value your feedback as it provides us with the most direct
and accurate information upon which we can make programming decisions.
Please know that your comments will be employed in evaluating current
and future programming on DIY.

Best regards,

Scripps Networks Customer Service"

I got a commercial for an answer. I wrote them again stating that I won't watch DIY network anymore until they at least answer the question of when we can expect new episodes. Someone at This Old House who is responsible for the DIY syndication deal should also respond. At least when the H&G Network aired the show we got a variety of projects to watch and enjoy again.

I've been a TOH fan since the 80's and have probably seen every episode a multitude of times but I can only re-watch the same projects so many times. I'd love to see the 1994 Acton project again or maybe the 1990 Santa Fe house...anything but the three they've been showing over and over again.

Is there any response from This Old House ????

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

is it good that if you have seen the same 3 epsiodes over and over you know just about what they are going to say?

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I JUST FLIPPED IT TO THE DIY NETWORK AND THEY HAVE THE EAST BOSTON PROJECT ON NOW. i think this one was on pbs a few years ago. i remember seeing it on a few times. thank you diy for some new this old house epsidoes.

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Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I agree, those 3 projects got REALLY old. Have the feeling that we will say the same thing shortly about East Boston & the Austin Green projects. I could go for any episodes with Steve on them or even earlier ones with Kevin. Never cared much for Vila, always thought he looked too much like a piece of steel wool back in the old days... lol. I'm not sure of anyone else but I did record some older shows back when they aired in the early 90's. It is nice to look back on them now.

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

I agree with you all some new episodes need to be added. Perhaps we should even take it up with cable companies.

Re: DIY This Old House episodes

They are airing season 6 on WTTWD3 cable, which is comcast channel 242 in my area.
The new episodes air every Sunday morning at 8am Central time and replay them several times during the week.


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