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Creating a dishwasher cabinet

Hello to all. I want to add a dishwasher to my kitchen, and there is no place for one. So I need to take some cabinet space to install one. I am planning on keeping it close to the sink, but I was told that the dishwasher needs its own cabinet, and I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction for plans so I can see what is ahead of me.

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Re: Creating a dishwasher cabinet

Somebody told you wrong or you got it mixed up if you're installing a traditional swinging door dishwasher. When your sink is just a sink front mounted between two cabinets (and a false cabinet floor/base) and you're removing the adjacent base cabinet to install the dishwasher, then you'll need a full sink base cabinet to support the sink, but the dishwasher is installed in a void of cabinetry. Dishwasher stands on its leveling legs to the frame and is attached to the underside of the countertop. You can use dishwasher end cap to support the other side of the countertop if the dishwasher is at the end of the countertop "run".

The only time you might need a cabinet for a standard dishwasher is if you are installing it on an elevated base and even then you can do it with two dishwasher end caps.

Re: Creating a dishwasher cabinet

So if I am removing end cabinetry, like an open cabinet that has shelves, I need to reinforce the sink cabinet? The space I am wanting to insert the dishwasher butts up against a main wall. The space underneath the sink is open, with doors to access the plumbing and the supplies underneath the sink.

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Re: Creating a dishwasher cabinet

If the sink cabinet is a full (real base cabinet) sink base cabinet then all you'll need is an end of run dishwasher end cap panel or return, but usually you mount to studs a 2x4" flat along the wall to give the countertop some more support on the back corner wall just inside that end return and below the underside of the countertop behind the dishwasher if you have extra heavy countertop like stone product can also carry support with flat 2x4" flat down the wall to the floor just inside the end panel return.

If your sink "cabinet" is just a sink front with or without a bottom base then you'll need a full sink base cabinet and an end of run dishwasher end cap panel (sometimes called a base return end cap panel).

Both sink "bases" have face frame panels and may have cabinet floors the difference is the real sink base cabinet has its own full length sides, back frame and top corner bracing[/U].

Re: Creating a dishwasher cabinet

IKEA sells one for about $170.

Re: Creating a dishwasher cabinet

Most dishwashers are installed in a gap (usually 24" wide) in the cabinetry spanned by the countertop; there is no "cabinet" per se for the dishwasher. The dishwasher rests on the floor and the top of it fastens to the underside of the countertop.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about: http://pleasepardontheinconvenience.wordpress.com/2007/03/12/today-is-countertop-day/ look at the first picture.

Since the dishwasher will be mounted against a wall, you'll probably want to make sure your sink cabinet is at least 24-3/4" away from the wall; trim the wall side of the DW with a 3/4" wide board. You'll want to have at least that much clearance between the DW door and the wall.

The IKEA cabinets are to match the modular, "furniture-style" cabinets that IKEA sells.

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