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Cracking Brick Over Garage Door

The brick area above the garage door is cracking. The width of the opening is 18'6". The main crack is 5' from the left side.
There are also 2 seperate diagonal cracks from the upper left corner of the opening. All of the cracks are very slowly getting
wider than a common crack. I would prefer to not add a support to the opening. Any suggestions?!
I have pics but not sure how to add them on here.

A. Spruce
Re: Cracking Brick Over Garage Door

Pics would be great, though being new your ability to post them may be limited.

Under the box where you type your messages to post, you'll see "manage attachments" From there you can upload directly from your computer to the forum. A better option would be to host the images ******, such as Picassa, or one of the many other ****** pichosts, then it will depend on the pichost whether you can then post the images directly here or have to link back to the host to view the images.

To post an ****** image here, you'll notice an icon in the header of the box where you type your message to post that looks like an envelope with a stamp on it (it's actually a mountain with a sun ). Click that icon and enter the address of the image you want to attach. The image will automatically be added inline with your message and you can continue with your descriptions or add more images.

As to your problem of the cracks, it sounds like there is insufficient support for the brick structure OR in the case of a veneer, the brick is coming loose from the structure. The only repair I know of in either case is to remove the damage and reinstall it with the supports or attachments needed for the span of the opening and the application of the brick facade. IMHO, neither of these are a DIY thing, unless you're well versed in working with masonry.

Re: Cracking Brick Over Garage Door

Can't upload pics because I'm new here. What kind of rule is that? That's the reason for the board, isn't it.... to ask for help and show pics of the problems??

Anyway, Thank you for your time!

A. Spruce
Re: Cracking Brick Over Garage Door

I don't disagree, but TOH has been inundated with spam, and this is one of the tactics they've adopted to deal with it. Now that we have live moderation, we may be able to get them to be more lenient with images and linking.

Feel free to post a message to the moderators about this.

Re: Cracking Brick Over Garage Door

based on the info youve provided based on the size of the opening and the size of the cracks, its sounds like header/ beam isnt sufficient to support the load on it.

what is above, is there another floor being supported or just a roof. for a opening that big it should most definitely be a steel i beam. if i were you i would seriously look into getting a engineer look at it. simply posting here at toh isnt sufficient enough. i am a licensed carpenter and have done plenty of major structural alterations, any time i deal with a span this big a engineer is always involved

Re: Cracking Brick Over Garage Door

If the cracks seem to get bigger, you need to address the problem...sooner rather than later.

The reason for the cracks is as explained by Spruce and jkirk.

I advise you to contact a qualified contractor to mitigate your damages asap.

Good luck.

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