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Correct way to close off hole from previous staircase

Hi all! I'm new to this board, and am enjoying learning from all the discussions.

I'm in the process of rehabbing my first house, and would like some advice. We relocated the staircase and are closing off the hole where the previous staircase was. My question pertains to the hole between the basement and the first floor. There are I-beams on either side of the opening, and on top of each I-beam is a 2x10 running along the length, and all of the joists running up to the opening are attached to those 2x10's. My question is: to close off that hole, is it structurally sound/up to code to simply cut 2x10 joists that are the width of the opening, and attach them to the inside of those two header boards sitting on the I-beams? Nothing load-bearing will be on top of them, just the floor.

Someone advised me that I should tear out those 2x10's that sit on top of the I-beams so that the joists I add to close the hole could overlap and be sistered into the existing joists...but that seems like a huge undertaking and a lot of trouble, and frankly like overkill just to add a floor to this 3'x9' opening.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


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