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cold walls

I have a house built in the 1930's. The exterior walls are double brick. The interior walls are plaster with wire lathe. There is no space inbetween for insulation and the walls are always cold. Is there something I can put on the walls before I paint or paper to make them warmer?

Re: cold walls

My son's home has the same problem, from my research our next step is try a product called Insuladd. It is a paint like application that reflects the heat back in to the room. The only other thing we have been told is to fir out the walls insulate and redrywall, a lot of work and headache. As soon as we replace his old gas boiler with gas forced air heat using the Insuladd is our next step and we'll let you know how it goes then. Check out their website Insuladd.com.

Re: cold walls

My first thought would be to fasten 2" foam insulation board directly to the existing plaster, then plastering over that (or using DryVit). A lot of work, and it may take many years to recoup the costs in energy savings, but it will make the house more comfortable.

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