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Closet vents to attic?

My closets have vents to the attic, like the exterior vents under the eaves, but indoors. This seems unusual to me and a bad idea–very drafty. I am thinking of covering them. Before I do anything rash, can anyone tell me what the deal is with these?

Re: Closet vents to attic?

The only reason I can see anyone having vents in the closets would be if they used a lot of moth balls. Moth balls are actually toxic to people too if there is a long term, heavy exposure. When I was a kid, for a while, I lived in a 150 year old farm house that had one closet for storage of winter clothes that was open to the attic for this reason. Back then it was just to keep the smell out of the house, I don't think we knew that moth balls or naphtha crystals were that toxic.

Re: Closet vents to attic?

No idea what they were thinking of. I suppose it does keep the air in the closet fresh and the mildew in check, but at the cost of letting heated and conditioned air escape to the attic. I would seal it off and make sure the insulation in the attic covers that area.

Re: Closet vents to attic?

That's what I was thinking. Thanks!

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