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Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

Does anyone have experience using brick pavers as a kitchen floor? What is the best way to attach them to the floor, grout the joints and seal them?

A. Spruce
Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

This is an extremely bad idea for countless reasons. Stick with a terra cotta tile if that's the sort of look you are going for.

Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

"Pavers" as I know them, are for outside use only: for walkways, driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, even streets, gardens, etc. But not for kitchen floor, or indoor floor in general.

Pavers are rough, they have big gaps between them and they are tall, too tall for indoor use.

Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

The only way I would recommend doing this is with a flooring like Portstone makes. It can be installed anywhere ceramic could be, is light yet looks and feels like brick. Google the name and there is info about dealers in the US etc.

Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

Is the application on a concrete slab or wood with floor joist?
If wood then you will have some major deflection.

Not a good choice if you ask me either way

Timothy Miller
Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

Howdy great idea. First is there room for the appliances to clear any counter tops, dishwasher able to be removed after pavers installed? Are the pavers made to be strong enough to with stand the wear- some are made to withstand allot of wear some are not. What to do to address the step down s into the adjoining rooms as pavers are thick and can create quite the trip dangers at adjoining rooms. one can install with mastic or mortar. If the sub floor is not at least 3/4" thick then you need to consider installing an underlayment again this thickens the floor...

Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

I would think they would be a major pain to keep clean.

But in an adjoining sun room they would be quite nice.


Re: Brick Pavers as a Kitchen Floor

You could probably find a quarry tile in a modular paver shape; It would have a brick appearance but not be as rough, or as thick. With the proper sealer, it would also be easy to keep clean.

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