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Attic Renovation

So I bought a house that had alot of wasted space. I tore off the roof and went up. The old peak was about five feet. Now the peak is at 12 and the flat of the ceiling is at 10.5 feet. We are coming to the end of this large project..and the last thing is the floor. THe floor dips/sags in one general area. It is about an inch or more for about the 24 ft span..while we were doing the initial demo..A contractor checked for any issues and looked into why there was floor sag. It was because when the origional owner tore down walls on the first floor they didnt support them properly..Now they are supported..but because nobody( except me and my wife) saw the potential of the attic the floor isnt an issue..Any ideas on how to level the floor..without running studs over the current floor and putting on a second sub-floor..

Re: Attic Renovation

An ugly situation at best...

You could try tearing up the flooring and running floor new floor joists by taking 2x6s and nailing them against the existing joists. The top edge of the new joists would be above the old ones and give you a new level surface to nail your flooring to.

Run a dry line (string) the length of the room, down the center of the room and use that as the level that will give you a flat floor.

The string will sag in the center (just because it does) so you might want to set a leg there to hold it up. Here's where a laser level would really come in handy. You'd get the same level across the whole room with no margin of error. Just find the high point in the room's floor and make that the new elevation for the floor in the room.

Good Luck.

Good Luck.

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