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Attic (Full-Size, 6 Panel) Door Insulation


Our attic door is in our daughter's room, and needs to be insulated to eliminate drafts.

It is a standard 6 panel door like the bedroom and closet doors. I'd like to insulate the interior of that door with a thin, but efficient material.

What is the best way to insulate it, while also keeping as much of the full width of the door opening as possible. We do use the attic for storage and require access to things up there year round. As soon as you open the door, there is a square landing space, and a 90 degree turn to the staircase. Outside the door, is where my daughter's radiator is located, so the door does not swing completely open (maybe only about 110-degrees). So, every available inch of clearance is important to access.

Re: Attic (Full-Size, 6 Panel) Door Insulation

Actually, my motivation in asking for opinions was to avoid the replacement of the entire door.

The radiator is not in danger of being damaged. But its location does limit the door from swinging wide enough to keep thick insulation out of the way when passing through.

So... let me rephrase.... what is the best material to use on the back of the door, to get maximum insulation with minimum thickness???? (Oh, and I do not want to use a friable material that could end up in my daughter's bedroom, by the way.)

Re: Attic (Full-Size, 6 Panel) Door Insulation

How about a big piece of foam, slightly larger than the door? When you open the door, you can just move it out of the way. It will be very light. Also, maybe some weather stripping around the door jam? Just a couple things that I would probably try if it were my house. Good luck.

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