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Antique kitchen sink w/ garbage disposal?

My wife and I are interested in installing an antique sink in our kitchen, however I read that you can't use garbage disposals (http://www.discoverys.net/antique_sinks_article.htm). Is that correct? If you can't on the old ones, is there a year I should be on the lookout for when you can (40's, 50's, etc...)?

We are ultimately looking for a mix of new and old... we'll are planning for more modern slap cabinets and cement counters, but with tons of white subway tile covering the walls and possibly an antique sink if it works out. It would be something like the below picture, but more classic looking.

A. Spruce
Re: Antique kitchen sink w/ garbage disposal?

If it's a cast iron or steel sink, there should be no reason that a disposal cannot be installed, unless you're on a septic system, then disposals are not a good idea.

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Antique kitchen sink w/ garbage disposal?

The restriction they're mentioning is the size of the drain basket on older sinks so you can't install a grinder. If your sink has a modern size drain hole that takes a standard size strainer/drain basket then you can put a disposal.

Example the photo attached, couldn't have a grinder/disposal.


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