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Vintage Brackets With Style

Use cared wooden corbels to build a more picturesque porch, add character under roof eaves, or brace a bedside tale

Interior Design for a Small Home

The interior of the Concord Cottage is a marvel of traditional decor, universal design, and hidden storage everywhere.

Designing a Man Den

Get ideas and tips for designing a getaway of your own

Reusing Old Accent Windows

How to give vintage transoms, sidelights, and decorative sash new life in your house

Carved for the Hearth

Vintage wood mantels bring warmth to a room with or without a crackling fire

All Eyes on Deck

Imaginative details can raise a deck to extraordinary design heights

Take the Chill off Modern Architecture

Here's how to use natural materials, well-crafted details, and open plan spaces to make a minimalist house inviting.

Finding the Right Design for Your Backyard Deck

Working on a deck? Plan ahead to avoid zoning, aesthetic, and budget problems.

Fireplace Design Ideas

On a cold night, an industrial drum filled with coals is a beautiful fireplace. The trick is to create a fireplace that is art without a flame. Like these, for example.

6 Great Looks for Your Ceiling

Try one of these seven ceiling treatments to improve the space overhead

Elegant Reflections

Mirrors aren't just for the bath. Here's what you need to know to put them to use.