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Special Delivery

Whether you're looking to replace your timeworn post-mount mailbox or starting out from scratch, you'll find a wealth of choices worth writing home about. Styles range from strictly utilitarian to authentic retro reproductions to the downright fanciful, and the mailboxes, made from materials such as aluminum, powder-coated steel, or copper, are built to last.

The standard mailboxes in this gallery are approved by the United States Postal Service, which requires, among other things, that the bottom of the box be 41 to 45 inches from the road surface. Before installing, moving, or replacing your mailbox, be sure to contact your local post office.

Copper Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Good Directions

Beauty is in the details of this post-mount solid copper mailbox from Good Directions. The etched finish lends tactile interest, while the handcrafted brass accents ramp up curb appeal. It is available in three sizes: 17½ inches long, 9 inches high, and 8 3/4 inches wide; 23 inches long, 13 inches high, and 10½ inches wide; and 26 inches long, 16 inches high and 11½ inches wide. The post is sold separately. About $198, Good Directions

Fleur de Lis Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Fleur de Lis

Add elegance to your home with this Fleur de Lis post-mount curbside mailbox. The distinctive scroll pattern spruces up the mailbox door and other details, such as a newspaper slot and customizable address plaque (address numbers not included) complete the charming package. The mailbox and post are made of cast aluminum with a bronze finish and measure a total height of 47 3/4 inches and overall width of 19½ inches. About $150, Lamps Plus

Vandal-Proof Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of the Solar Group

Don't underestimate the smooth good looks of the Solar Group's TUFF BODY Vandal Proof mailbox because this black, powder-coated model is actually the Charles Atlas of the curb. Strong and built to last for, well, almost forever, the mailbox features a 20-pound heavy gauge steel plate and a stainless steel door with a heavy steel flag. It comes with a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty and measures 9¼ inches high by 7¼ inches wide by 19 3/4 inches deep. Post sold separately. About $81, the Solar Group

Antique-Style Rural Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Salsbury

Get classic USPS looks with this durable aluminum Salsbury antique rural mailbox. The mailbox measures 7½ inches wide by 9½ inches high by 20½ inches deep. Each box features a magnetic door catch and an adjustable burgundy signal flag and can be mounted on standard, classic, decorative, or deluxe post options (not included). Choose from four powder-coated finishes: antique bronze (shown), copper, brass, or nickel. About $100, Salsbury

Olde Towne Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of the Solar Group

Time travel back to the early days of mail delivery with this cast-aluminum mailbox from the Solar Group. Available in black, antique rust, or verde green, the mailbox measures 60 inches high by 8 3/4 inches wide by 26 3/4 inches deep. Kit comes with mounting and assembly hardware. About $159, the Solar Group

Brass Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Streetscapes

Distinctive in form and finish, the Westchester mailbox from Streetscapes is handmade from heavy-gauge solid brass sheet and bar stock. The 150 individual spot welds reveal its sturdy craftsmanship, while the polished antique patina finish lends rich character, revealing shades of red and brown with blue and green highlights when new, darkening over time. The mailbox measures 8 inches wide by 9 inches high by 18 inches deep, and a matching pole is available. About $274, Streetscapes

Cast Leaf Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Special Lite

Fanciful leafy flourishes and handsome powder-coated finishes add a hint of old-timey elegance to this rust-free, solid cast-aluminum mailbox. It comes in antiqued hand-rubbed bronze, frosted umber, Swedish silver, copper, verde green (shown), or white and gold, plus solid finishes too, including black, champagne, gunmetal, textured beige, burgundy, evergreen, mocha, and white. The mailbox measures 10 inches high by 8 3/4 inches wide by 20 inches deep and is available with newspaper holder or in a two-door style for easy mail access. A matching post is available. About $190, Special Lite

Mailbox Planter

Photo by courtesy of Mayne

Secure your mailbox and tend your greenery all in one fell swoop with the double-duty Westbrook Plus post from Mayne, featuring one arm for your mailbox and another for your planter. This clean, modern post is made from super-sturdy polyethylene, a material that's so maintenance-free, all it needs is a rinse and the occasional power wash with the garden hose, leaving you a few free minutes to watch your flowers grow. It is available in white, clay, granite, and black and measures 8 inches wide by 56 inches high. Mailbox is not included. About $140-$170, depending on color, Mayne

Solar Lighthouse Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Cabinfield

A curbside reminder of those lazy, hazy days spent lolling by the beach, this solar-powered mailbox bears a hand-crafted replica of a Barnegat, New Jersey lighthouse. It's part of the Rockline Lighthouse Collection, which includes lighthouse replicas from port towns ranging from Cape Hatteras, NC, to Little Sable Point, MI. Energized by the sun, the beacon automatically turns on at dusk and shuts off at dawn. The standard-size box is studded with real stones on the outside. The mailbox measures 22 inches long by 22 inches high by 10 inches wide. Post not included. About $145, Cabinfield

Geometric Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Special Lite

The geometric-shaped Boulevard curbside mailbox is large enough to hold those ever-growing mountains of mail, but sleek enough to add an architectural edge to your contemporary manse. It is made of rust-free cast aluminum with a powder-coated finish with antique finish color choices including hand-rubbed bronze, frosted umber, Swedish silver, copper, verde green, or white and gold, as well as solid black, champagne, gunmetal, textured beige, burgundy, evergreen, mocha, and white. The mailbox measures 11¼ inches by 20¼ inches by 8½ inches. Post not included. About $236, Special Lite

Double Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of the Mailbox Superstore

Feeling neighborly? Consider the Boulder Colonial Double Mailbox, a two-box setup of historic proportions. The set includes two dome-shaped steel mailboxes and newspaper holders with a powder-coated black finish. The post and finial are made of corrosion-resistant cast poly. Each mailbox measures 19 inches long by 6 inches wide by 9 inches high. Post is 65 inches high. About $300, Mailbox Superstore

Secure Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of ETL

An interesting curved design, a huge drop chute, room enough to stash a week's worth of average mail—the Secure Logic Mail Vault from Steel Mailbox Co. has it all. Plus the keyless touch pad entry system even prevents mail theft. Constructed from rust-resistant galvanized steel with a black or white powder coating, it's made to last for years to come. The mailbox measures 12 3/8-inches long by 18-inches wide by 21-inches high. Four-inch diameter round 14-gauge steel post included with all orders. About $230, ETL

License Plate Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Today the U.S. Postal Service's retail, stamp, and mailing products are made from 100% recycled content—and so is California-based artist Aaron Foster's handmade metal mailbox fashioned from bona fide state license plates, finished with a billiard ball handle. Mount it on your front lawn and your neighbors will soon catch on: you're not one of the Joneses. The mailbox measures 19 inches long by 6½ inches wide by 8½ inches high. No two are alike and special state requests not taken. About $225, Uncommon Goods

Imperial Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Imperial Mailbox Systems

Traditional feel, new-fangled features—the Imperial mailbox seals the deal with a handcrafted cast-aluminum box covered in premium enamel paint that guards against rust, insect damage, and harsh elements. Its address plaque can be customized with brass numbers, and it comes with a newspaper holder and locking and non-locking options. Choose from black, white, gray, green, almond, verde green, or bronze. The mailbox measures 10½ inches high by 8 inches wide by 19 inches deep. Post measures 72 inches high by 4 inches wide. About $369, Imperial Mailbox Systems

Two-Tone Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Archetectural Mailboxes

Celebrate the joys of snail mail with this handsome Coronado mailbox and Grande Mailbox Post. The 16-gauge galvanized steel and aluminum box comes with a powder-coat paint finish and brass accents that lend grace and beauty to your home. The mailbox measures 11¼ inches high by 10 inches wide by 22 inches deep, and the round die-cast aluminum post stands 56 inches high by 3½ inches wide with an 11-inch-wide round base. Available in black with antique copper accents (as shown) or with nickel, polished brass, copper, or antique bronze accents, with customization options (such as name and address) and in multi-mount systems for two, three, or four mailboxes. About $240, Architectural Mailboxes

Contemporary Classic Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of Fuoriserie

Fuoriserie's galvanized-steel post-mounted ecco 3 mailbox may be spare in design but it makes a style statement thanks to its classic round top and smooth sandblasted finish. The pole assembly kit comes in matching paint finishes and is meant for in-ground installation. When assembled, the pole measures 60 inches long, and the box is 8 inches wide by 10½ inches high by 19 inches deep. It is available in black, copper, gray, or silver. About $235, Fuoriserie

Custom Mailbox

Photo by courtesy of dean's custom mailboxes

Don't see any standard mailbox you liked? Well, then, you can get yourself a mailbox in pretty much any shape you can imagine, including an exact replica of your home. Just email photos or ideas, and in 6 to 26 weeks, you'll have the mailbox of your dreams, made of 3/4-inch pine. $350-$600 depending on difficulty of design, Dean's Custom Mailboxes

Swinging Arm for Mailboxes

Photo by courtesy of Mainely Metals

Snowplow got your box? Kiss those days good-bye and say hello to the MailSwing, a heavy-duty all-steel adjustable arm that can be mounted on any post, allowing it to be placed further away from the curb. When snow is dumped on the box (the device can be used with any sturdy mailbox), the MailSwing's own weight forces it to swing out of the way before the plow blade hits it. The MailSwing then moves back down to center position. It adjusts from 43 to 55 inches in length. Mailbox mount about $140, Mainely Metals