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New Alternative for Wood Outdoor Structures

It's durable, low-maintenance, and stylish enough to trick even the staunchest traditionalist

Photo by Walpole Woodworkers

Walpole Woodworkers, known for its finely crafted wood fences and garden gates, is now milling, routing, and mitering its designs on a cellular PVC material that looks like the real thing but is rated to last 25 years without maintenance, or about three times longer than their cedar products. The textured boards, made by AZEK, are weather and termite resistant, and won't warp or twist the way wood does as it ages. And because it come prefinished in white, you don't ever need to paint it, unless, of course you want a custom color.

Walpole's new Freeport Collection has over 60 prefabricated pieces, including AZEK window boxes, driveway gates, pergolas, even rooftop cupolas (fences are custom). Just keep in mind that good looks and low maintenance don't come cheap. An AZEK mailbox post, for example, is $250, compared with $200 for wood. Visit for mail-order and installation information.