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Cape Ann Project Reveal: A Home Fit for Generations to Come

Built in 1891, the gracious Shingle-style house had welcomed more than a century of family gatherings. Revived and improved during a nine-month renovation documented by TOH TV, it stands ready for its current owners to add their own chapter to its history

Window Design with Elegance and Efficiency

When it came to restoring our 1890 Shingle-style Cape Ann home to its former glory, both the designer and architect at SV Design knew that the windows were critical to the home’s architecture. Working with the homeowner’s vision to create a lighter and brighter space, they chose Marvin to bring the view of the outside in with new windows and doors, as well as retain the integrity of the home’s design, and provide the efficiency and technology to make the home comfortable.

Cape Ann Preview: Best Face Forward

Relocating the garage and adding a new front porch helps restore an 1891 home’s signature Shingle style.


Cape Ann Project Heating Plan

Our plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains the general layout of the heating and cooling system in our Cape Ann project

About the Cape Ann Project

Reclaiming history in this shingle-style house by the sea.