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Live Q&A: Of Moss and Men’s Workshops

Kevin and Tom discuss siding, post sizes, and breaking into the business

During the October 16 Live Q&A, Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva were on the scene at the Brookline project house, giving a preview tour while also answering Insiders’ questions.

One Insider asked for advice about fiber-cement siding versus vinyl (Tom likes fiber cement); another asked for guidance on the new workshop he is building in his backyard using 4x4 posts (Tom recommended using 6x6 posts). Another Insider wanted to know what was important for getting started in the building profession (most important thing, according to Tom, is a willingness to listen); and an Insider asked about moss growing on his roof (use a 50-50 mix of bleach and water to kill the moss, and put a zinc or copper strip above the area where the moss was to prevent future growth).

The Live Q&A events are for Insiders only, and are a great opportunity to ask the TOH experts for advice about your particular project. Check the home page of the Insider website for the date and time of the next Live Q&A.