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Live Q&A: Crabgrass, torn shingles, and sticky sliders

Roger, Kevin, and Tom tackle problems inside and out

Kevin O’Connor was joined by both Roger Cook and Tom Silva for a Live Q&A in late November from the Brookline project, giving a tour of the progress to date while fielding questions from Insiders.

Roger and Kevin were asked how to get rid of crabgrass and wild violets on a Massachusetts lawn (treat them with weed-suppressing products and reseed with grass or micro clover) and what can be done about the little bits of fungus known as fairy circles on a lawn in Ohio (adjust the soil’s pH).

An Insider in Michigan needed a remedy for a sliding glass door that gets hard to operate in winter (check to see if water is freezing in the track, or use a lubricant such as Slipit); a Minnesota Insider asked whether a 60-year-old house’s stucco exterior should be painted to give it a fresh look (give it a good cleaning first, and see if that’s enough).

And two Oregon Insiders wondered whether a torn asphalt shingle can be repaired (put some tar underneath the tear and press the shingle together).

The Live Q&As give Insiders the chance to ask questions about their own projects and are a very popular feature. Check the Events listing on the Insider home page for the next scheduled Live Q&A.