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S42 E4: Anatomy of a Kitchen

From demo day to design, we follow every step as the homeowners decide on the components and the crew converts a decades-old butler’s pantry kitchen into an up-to-date kitchen for the future.

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In this episode:

Kitchens are the focus of many home renovations. American kitchens used to be modest in size, but now the trend is to have an open well-lit kitchen, with enough space to cook with family and to entertain friends.

In the 1901 Arlington Arts and Crafts project, the homeowners need to improve the layout of their kitchen to benefit their family’s lifestyle, so they meet with an experienced kitchen designer and cabinet builder in Maine. After the layout gets finalized, demolition of the outdated kitchen begins.

While work is being done at the house, the homeowners start to select the finishes. They look at different cabinet door profiles and wood samples with their designer.

For countertops, they decide on a honed marble from Vermont. Richard Trethewey visits the underground marble quarry where blocks are harvested and cut into slabs.

Another unique element the homeowners choose for their kitchen is a custom-made metal range hood. Kevin O’Connor visits the shop to see how it gets assembled.

Back at the house, the walls are in and a cabinet installer shows Kevin how he can do the job by himself.

Homeowner Emily visits the countertop fabricator to select the best section of marble for her kitchen island countertop. After it’s cut to size, the countertop is installed at the house. The finishing touches are added, and finally the homeowners show Kevin the finished space.

Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2020 Season 42; Ep.4 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode:

The Kennebec Company

Plumbing Fixtures:

Marble Counter Fabricator:
Mac Contractors

Marble Quarry
Side Trip: Vermont Quarries Corporation

Custom Range Hood Fabricator:
The Tin Shop