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How Much Does a New Toilet Cost?

A new toilet costs homeowners an average of $375–$500. See which factors will impact your total cost.

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New toilet in a nice bathroom

Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 06/24/2024

Replacing your old, outdated toilet with a new one is a great way to elevate your bathroom. But before you head to the home improvement store, you’ll want to do some research on which toilet you want and how much you can expect to pay.

The cost of a new toilet varies by style and brand. Some budget-friendly models can cost as low as $125, while a technologically advanced smart toilet can run $2,000. The national average is $375–$500. Use this guide to learn about different toilets and how much they’ll cost you.

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Full Bathroom Remodel

The cost of a full bathroom remodel can range from $2,000–$18,000.

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Walk–In Shower Cost

The cost of a walk-in shower ranges from $1,000–$15,000.

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Bathtub Refinishing Cost

Bathtub refinishing can cost anywhere between $335 and $630.


New Toilet Cost

A new toilet costs $375–$500 on average, but prices can range as low as $125 for a basic toilet or as high as $2,000 for one with a smart, touchless flush system. The more features a toilet has, the more it costs. It’s also cheaper to replace a toilet than to install one in an entirely new bathroom.

Consider the following factors when determining your budget:

  • Type: Luxury, high-tech toilets cost more than simple ones.
  • Location: Installing a toilet upstairs often costs more than putting one on the ground floor.
  • Brand: Different brands charge different prices, often depending on their reputation.
  • Labor: Unless you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), you’ll need to hire a plumber to disconnect the water, drain and remove the old toilet, install the new toilet, and reconnect the plumbing.

Cost by Type

The cost of a toilet depends on the type you buy and how you install it. A traditional one-piece or low-flow toilet can fit into nearly any budget. A chic, high-tech option can increase costs quickly.


Low-Flow Toilets


Two-Piece Toilets


One-Piece Toilets


Wall-Hung Toilets


Double-Cyclone Flush Toilets


Smart Toilets


Cost by Location

The cost to install a new toilet can vary based on where the toilet is located in the house. A toilet on the ground floor is usually the cheapest, followed by toilets in the basement or on the upper floors. You’ll pay more if the area needs new plumbing—for example adding a new bathroom to your home.


Basement With Existing Plumbing


Basement Without Plumbing


New Bathroom


Cost by Brand

Like any product, toilets from high-end brands are more expensive. Most Kohler and American Standard toilets are $199 –$450. Toto toilets, which are a luxury brand, can be as low as $212 and as high as $8,745.

Labor Cost

Labor is often the most expensive part of replacing or installing a new toilet. The cost depends partly on your location and local rates, but you can generally expect to pay $350–$775 to install a single toilet.  

An estimate from an installer should include both material and labor. Material costs include your toilet’s wax ring and any tools needed for installation, such as plumber’s putty to seal the ring to the flange or plumber’s tape to insulate the space where the metal pipe meets the plastic pipe.

Labor refers to the time and energy required to remove the existing toilet and haul it off, prepare the site, install the new toilet, clean up after the job, and manage the plumbing along the way. Plumbers generally charge $75–$150 per hour.

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Additional Cost Considerations

You may have additional expenses beyond the toilet and labor to install it.

Additional Materials

Let’s say you buy a new toilet for $350. That’s not your total replacement cost. You’ll also need to buy the fittings and hardware to install it properly. Additional materials could include the following items.

MaterialsAverage Cost

Closet Bolts


Toilet Flapper


Toilet Tank Lever


Closet Bolt Covers


Wax Bowl Ring


Closet Flange Extension Ring



Customized toilets may have an elongated bowl, a non-typical height, or even a built-in bidet. Some homeowners customize their toilets to make them more accessible for people with disabilities. Others simply enjoy the benefits of a high-tech toilet. 

Whatever the reason, adding special details can increase the toilet’s price by several hundred dollars. High-end customizations can cost as much as $900-$1,000. 

Emergency Fees

Be prepared for a large bill if you need to call for emergency plumbing help. Though plumbers typically charge $45–$200 per hour, that number could spike to $300 per hour if you need someone to fix a major leak at 3 a.m. on a holiday morning.

Repairing Damage

Leaky toilets can damage the floor or the wall behind them. You can often repair minor water damage by simply drying out the area and scrubbing away any mildew. Then, apply a fungicide, paint, or sealant designed for the material in question (e.g. wood, metal). 

Extensive damage to the drywall, floor covering, or subfloor probably needs a professional’s attention. You may need to install new materials or even make major renovations to your bathroom. Your overall project costs will increase considerably in this case.

Toilet Removal

Budget about $50 if you want a professional to remove your old toilet, though you can save money by doing it yourself. Nearly anyone willing to get their hands dirty can remove a toilet in less than an hour.

Start by shutting off the water supply at the main shut-off valve. Remove the water line from the old toilet, then disconnect the drain pipe between your old toilet and your home’s plumbing system. Once you unbolt your toilet from the floor, you can carry it out. You may be able to donate your old toilet to Habitat ReStore instead of just discarding it.

When Do You Replace Your Toilet?

Although some toilets can last up to a century, they generally need to be replaced every 10–15 years. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if it’s time to replace your toilet:

Are there cracks in the porcelain?
Is your toilet getting constant clogs?
Are you or your plumber fixing the toilet more than once a month?
Was your toilet installed before 1994, the year that federal law required new toilets to use no more than 1.6 gallons of water to flush?

Professional vs. DIY

Doing home improvement on your own can be satisfying and save you money. However, some jobs are best left to a professional, especially if you’re constructing a new bathroom and need extensive knowledge of local building codes.

DIY Toilet Installation

Installing or replacing a toilet is a complicated job that can be particularly difficult for those who have limited plumbing experience. You can save money by doing it yourself if you don’t mind putting in some elbow grease, but you could end up costing yourself more in the long run.

Water causes some of the most expensive damage to a home, and if you mess up your installation, you’ll have to pay for costly repairs. You’ll also need to buy the materials and tools needed to do the job properly. Your overall savings might not be as high as you hope.

Professional Toilet Installation

An improperly placed toilet can leak around the seal. Even a small leak can damage your floor or wall over time, not to mention how much it will increase your water bill.

Hiring a plumber to install your toilet can prevent sewage from creeping into your home or water from damaging your subfloor. Unless you have extensive plumbing experience, you could save a lot of money by hiring a plumber for $250–$500 total.

How Do You Hire a Professional?

Here are some tips to help you find a reputable plumber to install your new toilet.

  • Only consider licensed and insured plumbers. A licensed plumber holds state licensure, and an insured plumber’s work is supported by a reputable insurance agency.
  • Get at least three quotes before deciding which plumber to hire. While the cheapest plumber may not be the best, getting multiple quotes will give you an idea of the average rate in your area.
  • Find out if your quoted rate is hourly or fixed. Either option is OK, but you don’t want any surprises when you get the bill.
  • Check online reviews or get personal references. Anyone can have a single bad review, but you might want to look for a different plumber if you notice a negative pattern.

How To Save on a New Toilet

Though a new toilet is a relatively affordable project, there are still some ways to save money. Start by checking for any deals or rebates. Most manufacturers offer rebates or discounts for homeowners who purchase high-efficiency toilets. 

Also, be sure you’re only buying what you need. Even if you feel flush with money, a toilet may not necessarily be where you want to invest. All you need is a toilet that dispenses solid waste efficiently and effectively. It’s OK if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. 

Finally, you can remove your old toilet yourself to save on labor fees. If you’re confident you know what you’re doing and have experience with plumbing, you can install your new toilet, too.

What Is the Average Cost To Replace a Toilet?

Installing a new toilet isn’t a difficult project, but it’s not for beginners. Expect to pay $500–$750, including professional installation. You can save money by completing the job yourself, but this is only recommended for experienced DIYers with plumbing experience.

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FAQ About New Toilet Costs

What is the average cost to install a new toilet?

A new toilet costs an average of $500, and hiring a plumber can add another $250–$500. Plumbers may charge extra for installing a toilet on an upper floor. You can keep costs low by either buying a less expensive toilet or by doing some of the installation work yourself.

How much does it cost to install a new toilet and remove the old one?

Toilet installation costs depend on several different factors, including which aspects of the job you do yourself and which you have a professional complete. Removing an old toilet usually costs about $50. Installing a new one may cost $250–$500 on top of the toilet itself.

How much is a brand new toilet?

The cost of a brand new toilet depends on several factors, including brand and toilet type. New toilets can cost as little as $125 or as much as $2,000. Most toilets cost $375–$500. 

Traditional low-flow or one-piece models generally run less than chic wall-mounted toilets. The most expensive toilets include extra features such as heated seats, a warm water wash, and an air purification system.

What are the parts of a toilet?

The toilet system consists of three main parts:

  • An upper holding tank that sits atop the toilet bowl and holds about two gallons of reserve water along with a flush valve.
  • A toilet bowl, or the elongated round vessel that holds water and waste
  • The toilet seat, which comes with a lid, hinges, and bolts that secure it to the round bowl.

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