Many homeowners choose to remodel or renovate their bathroom to give it a more modern look and increase their home’s value. However, replacing or refinishing an existing tub or shower can be expensive and time-consuming.

To help homeowners modernize their space without any hassle, Bath Fitter offers customers its affordable bathtub and shower liners. These custom inserts install over your current bathtub or shower and are ready in as few as 24 hours. The This Old House Reviews Team researched the company’s reviews, pricing, and installation options to learn more about this unique approach. Make an informed decision about your bathroom refresh with this guide to Bath Fitter.

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Company Background

Bath Fitter was founded in 1984 by three brothers who wanted to simplify the bath redesign process and allow homeowners to upgrade their baths without seriously inconveniencing their home life. Rather than removing or replacing bathroom fixtures, the business created tub and shower conversions that add color and a sleek finish to your existing space. This streamlined process is helpful for homeowners who prefer minimal preparation and cleanup.

The company custom-makes each liner to your bathtub and surrounding walls. Bath Fitter serves customers across 45 states, helping homeowners upgrade bathrooms across the country.


Pros and Cons of Bath Fitter

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of what Bath Fitter has to offer:

Pros Offers a lifetime warranty on all its liners for as long as you own your home Has installed liners in over two million bathrooms over three decades Offers solutions for bathrooms in as little as one day
Cons Doesn’t offer toilet, sink, or flooring remodel services Its one-piece inserts come in limited designs and colors

Bath Fitter Customer Reviews

Bath Fitter operates hundreds of satellite offices across the U.S. Therefore, its Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and accreditation varies from location to location. To help you better understand customer sentiments around this provider, we read dozens of BBB customer reviews from locations across the country. While most reviews are positive, even the best companies may have negative reviews.

Here is what customers say about Bath Fitter:

“I used this company for a bathtub/turn-in shower plus sitting area and shower door, but after 2 installers, and failed attempts the supervisor had to come and complete the job, this was 4 months ago.” — Katie M. via Best Company

“We used Bath Fitter to remodel my mom’s bathroom tub and shower. I feel like the cost was reasonable and the outcome was great. They did good work and were able to get it done in one day.” — Kristiane D. via Best Company

The whole process was excellent from the first phone call to sales to install. They were very attentive to our masking requirement and very polite and professional. When the time came to install the floors, [they] were covered and protected. I’d buy from them again and will recommend them to friends and family …” — Donald S. via BBB

“We had both a basement shower and a main floor bath redone. Basement: Incorrect measurements, had to finish weeks later. Looks good, but factory issue with door. Still waiting on door after a couple months, but at least we can use it.” — Josh S. via BBB

We also received this feedback from one of our readers:

The new wall was half an inch from the old wall. I was told that’s intentional, to allow for “settling”, for the walls to expand and contract with the seasons. What? That was only one of my complaints. I got a new tech on his first solo flight, although there was another experienced person here too. They have been back twice to add silicone and to re-silicone around the tub.” — Carol M.


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Bath Fitter Pricing

Bath Fitter’s prices vary and depend on the specific job. We spoke to a representative during our secret-shopping process to learn more about the company’s costs. The representative explained that an in-home consultation is necessary before providing a quote, as the products are customized for each home.

However, we learned that the cost of a Bath Fitter project is based on the following factors:

  • Tub or shower dimensions: Like many home improvement projects, the cost of your new liner will increase or decrease depending on how much area needs to be covered. The larger your area, the higher the cost, and vice versa.
  • Type of liner selected: Bath Fitter allows customers to select from a range of liner colors and patterns to complement their existing bathroom decor. Similar to other interior design pricing, the more intricate the design, the higher the price.
  • The existing bath’s condition: Bath Fitter liners must be installed over an existing bathtub or shower insert that’s intact and secure. Occasionally, a technician will have to make repairs before liner installation can begin, which will increase your overall estimate.

To provide an accurate cost estimate for your custom job, Bath Fitter offers a free consultation that can be scheduled online.

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Services and Materials

Bath Fitter crafts custom bathtub, shower, and wall liners for homeowners needing an affordable bathroom renovation. Below, we outline the details of the five service options for bath remodeling, along with the materials offered.


Bath Fitter offers an array of tub liners that are installed directly over your old tub. These high-gloss liners come in an array of patterns and designs and four unique colors, giving customers a wide selection of style options. Additionally, these liners are made with easy-to-clean acrylic for simple maintenance.


Similar to its bathtub liners, Bath Fitter creates shower liners for homeowners who want to convert a tub into a shower or remodel an existing unit. These liners are made with low-maintenance acrylic and come in a variety of styles that mimic the look of traditional shower tile.

Walls and Wainscoting

Whether lining a bathtub or shower, many customers choose to finish a new installation with decorative shower walls or wainscoting. Bath Fitter offers both options as an alternative to traditional tile, providing a range of design options to coordinate with the company’s liners.


Customers can complete the look of their new bathroom with a variety of accessories, including faucets, showerheads, soap dishes, shower doors, and more. The company also offers safety accessories like grab bars and shower seats.

Design Your Own Bath

The company provides a unique online tool that allows customers to create their own Bath Fitter bathtub through a step-by-step design process. The design starts with your selection of a bathtub or shower insert. Then, customers can select from the company’s list of walls, plumbing, and accessories to match their bathroom floor. The company also offers glass doors and rods to enclose the new tub or shower.


Bath Fitter Installation Process

Bath Fitter follows a five-step process to craft a new and improved bathtub. Take a closer look at each step of the process below:

  1. Consultation and design: Once you contact your local Bath Fitter store, you’ll be assigned a consultant who will inspect your bathtub or shower and walk you through your options. The company offers both in-home and virtual consultations at no cost.
  2. Taking measurements: If you choose a Bath Fitter solution, your assigned representative will take detailed measurements of your bath and walls. From there, the technician will give a quote based on the size and difficulty of your project.
  3. Custom manufactured liners: Using the dimensions gathered from your in-home consultation, Bath Fitter will begin to build your unique liner in your preferred color and design.
  4. Preparing your bathroom: To prepare for installation, a certified installer will clean your existing bathroom and make necessary repairs, if needed. Unlike traditional remodels, no major demolition or removal is needed.
  5. Installation: Once measurements and preparations are squared away, Bath Fitter will install your bathtub or shower liner in as little as one day. To support customers, the company offers a lifetime guarantee.

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Our Conclusion

Bath Fitter offers homeowners a range of shower and tub liners for a new look and feel. The provider’s custom-built inserts can revitalize a bathroom, updating the space’s appearance, functionality, and value.

Additionally, Bath Fitter makes the quoting process simple, offering in-home and over-the-phone consultations to provide homeowners with an estimate. Additionally, the provider provides a lifetime warranty, which covers liner damage and broken items. Bath Fitter is a unique and impressive option for a low-maintenance, fast bathroom renovation.

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FAQs About Bath Fitter

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