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6 Steps to Building an Addition Over a Garage

One the most cost-effective ways to gain bedroom space is to expand the area above your car’s resting spot with a garage add on.


Barrington | Architectural Moldings created from Polyurethane

Norm sees the decorative brackets being used on the exterior and learns why polyurethane is a better choice than PVC stock for this application

Video Tour: The Barrington Beach House

Take a walk around This Old House TV's finished remodel in Barrington, Rhode Island

Sneak Peek: The Barrington House

Get an early look at the new TOH project in Barrington, Rhode Island. Then tune in for the TV premiere on PBS on January 26 or watch full episodes here

The Barrington Beach House

TOH TV heads to Rhode Island to restore a forlorn beach house with oceanfront views

TOH TV's Barrington Beach House: Before

TOH TV heads to Barrington, Rhode Island, to restore a forlorn house with oceanfront views