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Your Basement: Why Add on When You Can Add Under?

Your basement is valuable real estate, and it's an ideal place for the low-cost extra bedroom, family room or workout space you've always wanted

Bye-Bye, Bounce

Tom Silva's tricks for fixing a bouncy floor

Choosing and Using Sandpaper

Here's the secret to getting good results from woodworking's humble sandpaper.

How to Install a Lockset

A step-by-step guide from This Old House master carpenter Norm Abram

Hang Tough

All you need to know to secure anything to concrete, brick or stone.

How to Trim Out a Window

Tom Silva's step-by-step instructions for one of his favorite jobs—installing window casings

How to Install a Window

From waterproofing to insulating, Tom Silva's step-by-step guide to putting in a new window

How Long Stuff Lasts

How long materials, systems and appliances will last—and how much it will cost to replace them.

Backsplash Bonanza

Everything you need to know about adding a tile, solid-surface or— surprise—even a metal or glass backsplash