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3 Types of Flat Roofs

New flat roofing options are appearing. They wear better than older material, but they cost more, too.

Low-Flow Toilets

A closer look at the anatomy and history of these water-saving commodes.

How to Plant a Live Christmas Tree

Here’s how to prepare, select, and plan to plant a Christmas tree in your backyard to keep it alive after the holiday season.

4 Types of Whole House Air Filters

Whole house and portable filters trap dust, pollen, and more to clear the air and improve indoor air quality.

All About Strong House Foundations

Get the facts and learn what it takes to build a long lasting foundation for your house.

Annual Furnace Cleaning Step-by-Step

Here’s how to do fall furnace maintenance and service your heating system before the cold weather kicks in.

3 Ways to Reduce Road Noise in Your Backyard

Here’s our best noise reduction tips to help you block out the sounds of busy street traffic and your neighbor’s lawn mower.

House Framing 101

Tom Silva's best practices for building a strong and solid house frame.

Geothermal Heat Pump: How It Works

Learn how a geothermal heat pump system works, how cost-efficient it can be, as well as other advantages.

A Guide to Modern House Framing Materials

Learn about the new technology and techniques in framing construction, which allow for higher ceilings, larger open spaces, and even cantilevered rooms.